1 About the booking process

Our booking process is simple, you send your booking request and we will respond it. If there is availability then you must confirm your request and you will receive a voucher which must be presented by you the day of arrival. We do not overbook, so any change in the dates of arrival and departure must be previously informed. We demand you reconfirm the reservation at least 2 days before the arrival date, otherwise you take risk of lose your reservation.

2 About deviations and deceits

You must be aware of hustlers, taxi drivers, bikers and other people at the bus station or the street (if you come by car) who may offer you cheaper accommodation services. Some of them pretend to be the owner of the hostel or a relative of us. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM, THIS IS A COMMON SCAM. This happens frequently and the services they offer are not legitimate, are of very poor quality and may bring you trouble. We strongly discourages any sort of deals with these solicitors to avoid a dangerous risk for you. If you feel somehow you have been cheated just call to any of the phone numbers you have for contacting us.